I didn’t know you Existed

Approaching the glass, my heart pounded, and stopped altogether once I saw him —

A slim, pale figure offset by deep blue, carved in a manner that defied any one shape, and instead accentuated the slight movements between his still frame. 

His limbs flowed gently past perimeters of placements that housed him, extending his surroundings, crafting rippled edges that accentuated his subtle but undeniable beauty, rather than the shortcomings of the objects around him.

He believed himself to appear inconsequential, just another brushstroke in the frame — 

He was not. 

He spoke, and his eyes flickered;

I fell in love with his fingertips, that ever so minutely expressed the emphasis of speech his face could not in full;

I fell in love with how his palms would remain together and his movements between his frame, an introvert sure of himself but not of the reliability of others;

I fell in love with the tiny movements that danced around his cheekbones and valleys as he spoke with the smallest opening of the mouth; a person confident in his beliefs but quiet in demeanour;

I fell in love with his eyes, the dark, asymmetrical outer rings that lit fire to the lighter blue of the iris — but rather than ice, they projected a warm intensity, as if daring me to open myself to him. 


He was a person who commanded the room without demanding commandment, and my heart fell for his 

And with that

I surrendered to the inevitable —


© 2018 Anna Rabinov

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